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Man Unleashed is a product of a group of 4 leaders and coaches coming together to create a grass roots mens group in San Diego. Our intention was to bring different backgrounds, cultures and expertise together to practice combining the different modalities in the personal development world on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We spent a year developing ourselves and each other and transforming our lives — eventually resulting in a comprehensive system of support, growth, community, and inevitably transformation.

We now bring this system, the practices, the experience and of course the benefits that come with it — to YOU, and to men everywhere.

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Nile Abasi


Nile Abasi is a Coach, Leader and Men’s Group Facilitator. He is a certified ontological coach, and the founder of Man Unleashed, a men’s community group founded on the principles of freeing men from their societal conditioning and self limitations and unapologetically stepping into their true power.

He uses a dynamic combination of Neurological Reprogramming, Embodiment Excercises, Breathwork, Shadowwork, Creative Expression, Nervous System Training, and the loving support and direct feedback from a community of men to facilitate a comprehensive experience of awareness, integration and transformation.

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Karl Lashkari

Alpha wellness mind body

Karl Lashkari is a Meditation, Yoga, and Breathwork Facilitator, a Wellness & Leadership Consultant, and a Lead Facilitator of Man Unleashed. Karl’s focus is on creating physiological change to heal old patterns and create a desired living state by using meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices. His teaching is centered around science-backed practices and the real-world application of these practices. Karl’s focus is on a subconscious level – training the brain and nervous system in a way to achieve self-mastery so men can live with a sense of ease, sharp mental clarity, and good health.

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Shophar Graves

Shophar is the Author of S.O.L, Sacred Orgasmic Living, and a Qi Gong, Sensual Energy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner who uses his podcasts and group/couple/individual healing sessions to help support others to heal and explore their sensuality. 

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Joshua Dryden

Marketing Cordinator